Toxic Check Taxi

19.07.2017 Ionic 0 Comments

Check taxi status – is it a fake taxi or a legitimate one? What if you can just type the plate number and get instant answer verification? I’ve started working on such mobile app, thanks to the data, provided by Sofia Council as part of the Bulgarian government Opendata project. A prototype (MVP) could be […]

Достъп само с електронен подпис

07.05.2017 Security 0 Comments

Бях си поставил за цел на огранича достъпа до един уеб сайт (или поддомейн) само за потребители с електронен подпис. Важно уточнение: в тази статия не става въпрос за подписване на документи с електронен подпис! Идеята е, когато потребителя посети уеб сайта, браузъра да му покаже прозорчето за избор на сертификат (електронен подпис), потребителя да […]


05.11.2016 UI/UX 0 Comments

By nature, most mobile applications are clients for backend services. They request data from the backend on users behalf, send the data back for update or delete operations. In todays IoT world, when even your fridge can be connected to the Internet, it is not a common case for a user (or app) to be offline or to […]

LokiJS – the NoSQL database for your app

05.11.2016 Data store 0 Comments

Often we need to save data in the app or to persist data somehow, while the device is offline. I don’t believe it is a good idea to relay on such unstable HTML5 “standards” such as IndexDB or WebDB. Certainly one could use SQLite and there is a Cordova plugin already, but I found something different, […]

Phonegap Build service

28.08.2016 Phonegap Build 0 Comments

if you are just staring with the hybrid applications, the last thing you would like to care of is the application build process. Luckily, there are online services to do the job for you. All you need is to have your code ready. Most of these services offers free plans to start with, and believe […]

How to create Apple developer certificates on Ubuntu?

28.08.2016 iOS 0 Comments

As wildly open to the developers Android is, as restricted and jailed Apple is. And developer certificates are one of the most confusing topic. To find my way around, I’ve read a lot of blogs and forums with various success. The most helpful one is Building a (Phonegap) iOS app from Ubuntu entirely without Mac OS X, by Stuart Langridge. […]

Hello PhoneGap!

31.03.2016 Uncategorised 0 Comments

I’m starting this blog to help myself tracing the route to successful hybrid applications development. Hopefully sharing my experience, it will be helpful to other fellow developers.