How to create Apple developer certificates on Ubuntu?

28.08.2016 iOS 0 Comments

As wildly open to the developers Android is, as restricted and jailed Apple is. And developer certificates are one of the most confusing topic. To find my way around, I’ve read a lot of blogs and forums with various success. The most helpful one is Building a (Phonegap) iOS app from Ubuntu entirely without Mac OS X, by Stuart Langridge. Simple, elegant, step by step tutorial on how to generate the various certificates and files you need for signing an iOS build. And, as you may need a Mac in case you want to run your own local builds, you don’t need a Mac to generate the certificates! The article also covers the Phonegap Build service, which is a great tool too. Thank you, Steve!

The only change I would suggest is in regards to the AppleWWDRCA.cer certificate. In the article it says:

The first thing you need is the Apple intermediate signing certificate, available from this screen. At the bottom it says Worldwide Developer Relations Certificate Authority; download this AppleWWDRCA.cer file and keep it around somewhere.

Well, the bit in red is not quite correct. You shouldn’t just download and keep it somewhere. You need to import this certificate on your computer. Double click on the file and the Ubuntu’s “View file” program will start. It will give you information about the certificate and you’ll find the “Import” button as well. Click this button and import this main certificate before you proceed with the next steps. If you fail to do so, the certificates you create, will be invalid and the builds will fail.

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