Toxic Check Taxi

19.07.2017 Ionic 0 Comments

Check taxi status – is it a fake taxi or a legitimate one? What if you can just type the plate number and get instant answer verification? I’ve started working on such mobile app, thanks to the data, provided by Sofia Council as part of the Bulgarian government Opendata project. A prototype (MVP) could be quickly put together, so I expect the first beta by the end of the week – 23rd/July/2017.

To make it production ready, I’ll also try to add a functionality, which allows the user to take a picture of the plate number and via OCR to extract the characters. Also, as we have the car make and model, an image could be shown.

The first city, served by the app will be the Bulgarian capital – Sofia. The resource is well organized and useful. The odd thing is that different cities has different structure of their taxi register and it could be challenging to integrate all of them. Also there are just 5 or 6 cities in Bulgaria, which has provided such information online.

As it’s not a commercial project, but mostly a side project, I’ll make the code fully available in my github repo. The app will be a hybrid mobile application, build with Ionic 3/Angular 4. No backend support will be necessary at the moment.

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